FlashScan V2 Cummins HD

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Heavy Duty/ Big Rig (HD) Cummins V2 with 2 VIN license. (221 capacity).
EFILive is pleased to announce that FlashScan HD and AutoCal HD are now available for purchase and Cummins HD software is also available for download.

This release delivers tuning support for four controllers; CM2350A, CM2250, CM2880 and CM2220, CM850, CM870, CM871, CM875 and CM876 and covers both on-highway and off-highway applications including;

On-Highway applications; covering Big Rig, Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, Light Commercial, Bus and RV applications.
Off-Highway applications; covering Agriculture, Construction, Fire & Emergency, Marine, Mining, Power Generation and Rail applications.
A full list of supported engine applications can be found on the Cummins HD Supported Vehicles webpage.

The available tuning parameters compare to EFILive’s existing late model Cummins support including control over injection events, turbo and RPM parameters, while the comprehensive Scan Tool delivers the feedback needed to refine tune file changes.